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Pain Management

Pain can result before or after surgery and for a variety of different reasons. If your pet is in pain, we have many options available to manage your pet’s discomfort.


Understanding Pain

One of our highest priorities is managing your pet's pain. When an animal experiences pain, it can affect the body's physical functioning, have detrimental effects on their state of mind and can further impair healing. It is hard to see an animal suffering, therefore we place utmost importance in managing your pet's pain. Understanding pain starts with determining where it is located, and then using diagnostic tools to confirm its cause.

Our Approach

We have many methods for managing pain. These include oral medications, injections, regional analgesia and sustained release pain patches. From routine procedures (such as a spays or dental cleanings), to more advanced medical treatments, and chronically painful conditions (such as arthritis or back pain), our team is committed to managing pain from the outset and throughout your pet's treatment and recovery process.


Conditions such as osteoarthritis can cause chronic pain for older animals. For arthritis, there are various nutraceuticals such as glucosamine /chondriotin supplement, and injectables that can be used to stimulate cartilage healing and the production of joint fluid which helps to keep the joints lubricated. Important considerations involve dosage and the brand. Some medications do carry risks for some patients. Your doctor will be able to weigh out these risks and discuss them with you.

At any time, we will also help you to recognize signs of pain in your pet so that we can create an individualized pain management plan or modify their existing plan. Compassionate, quality patient care is at the heart of our approach to pain management and you can count on our team to help ensure your pet's comfort and well-being.

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